As a business operating in Los Angeles or Orange County, you know the importance of standing out from the crowd. You want your brand to have distinct imaging to attract customers and rise above competitors. Incorporating custom signs into your exterior and interior business design can improve brand recognition and aesthetic appeal. These benefits ultimately lead to more foot traffic and sales. 

When looking for eye-catching signs for your business, choose a local sign company serving Orange County and Los Angeles. There are many benefits to using a local sign company:

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1. They Know Your Area Well 

As a business owner, you take the time to get to know customers, gather their feedback and make improvements that will benefit them and strengthen your business relationship. You might even focus your efforts on local clientele to show your dedication to your community.

Choosing a local sign company to design your business’ signage works similarly. A local sign company is aware of the needs and preferences of customers in the area. They understand that placing a sign in a high-traffic area can increase the flow of customers to your business. 

Local sign companies have experience creating signage that works for your community because it’s their community, too. And they know how to use suitable materials to create a custom sign that retains its quality over time and through the weather patterns your area experiences. 

Because they have experience in your area, a local company also knows what permits you need to acquire to avoid building delays. Local businesses have gone through these processes before, and they will help obtain all building and electrical permits so your sign is up to code.

2. They Are on Hand to Provide Repairs 

Well-made signs, whether bold dimensional exterior signs or sophisticated electric signs, usually require little maintenance. Sign manufacturers use durable materials like metal, wood and plastic, and build their products to last. Eventually, though, all signs need some routine care. Sometimes an accident causes a malfunction within a lighted fixture, or weather damage like wind and rain can chip paint. In these situations, you need trusted personnel to handle repairs so you can “wow” your potential customers. 

When you need quick repairs, purchasing through a local sign manufacturer can bring peace of mind. A local company is usually just a short drive from your business, and their proximity allows them to respond to your call faster and provide timely assistance. They can be on-site to paint, repair or rewire your sign quickly. You’ll save time and have your sign back to putting your brand in the spotlight. 

3. They Produce Higher Quality Signs 

Your business isn’t ordinary. You’ve crafted your company’s reputation for reliability, quality and character so customers know they can expect the best from you. And you want to display your unique advantages with an image that shows customers how you shine. A mass-produced sign made of poor materials does little to set you apart from the crowd. A custom-made sign, designed with your business in mind and built to last, offers an effective way to reach customers and position yourself in the market. 

What Are the Benefits of Using a Local Sign Company?

When choosing a local sign company, look for one with the experience and tools to give you options when designing your custom sign. Choose a sign company that can handle anything you’re looking for, from an electrical or neon sign intended to catch vehicle and pedestrian attention to a beautiful glass interior sign for your front lobby. 

A local company can sit down with you and review your requirements, then take those ideas back to their facility and create the sign you envisioned. Because they uniquely craft each sign, they look for materials like LED lights, wood or glass to ensure the highest quality. They will tailor each project to match your location, needs and specific audience. And a local sign manufacturer will use better materials to create a more durable product that meets your objectives. 

4. Their Work Is Already in Your Community 

When you consider purchasing an exterior or dimensional sign for your business, you want to see examples of the sign fabricator’s previous work. What do their signs look like? Are their signs good quality? Research their online reviews to gain an idea of a typical customer experience working with them and browse their online image gallery. Seeing a photo of a finished product can help you visualize the kind of sign you want and better understand the quality of the company’s product.

With a local sign company, you don’t have to stop at seeing a photo in an online gallery. You can drive to their signs at local businesses and see them in person. You have the advantage of deciding for yourself if the company creates the kind of sign that interests you. You can also see the sign’s quality, color and size to gather ideas for your own. 

5. They Provide Better Customer Service 

In the past, you may have had an unpleasant customer service experience with a large corporation that left you feeling like your business wasn’t valuable to them. These interactions cost you time and money when you have to find a replacement company to work with. 

The owner and employees of a local sign business are concerned about delivering a high-quality experience because community support runs their business. Each customer who works with them is treasured. The staff is more available to answer questions and provide a personal touch to ensure a fantastic experience. There is also more opportunity for idea-sharing and collaboration with a local business because they can customize their interactions with you.

A local business wants to get to know you and other customers personally. Customers seem to understand this well. A recent survey found that 80% of consumers believe local businesses provide a more personal customer service experience. A local business will learn your story, goals and the products you like. They can tailor your experience to give you services that will benefit you, like a site inspection of your business and a collaborative design process that takes your opinion into account every step of the way.

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