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Sign Permitting Service — Los Angeles

Before you install a sign at your business in Los Angeles or Orange County, you must ensure you fulfill all the permitting requirements. The municipality (and your landlord, if you’re renting the facility) may have specific guidelines you’ll have to abide by to stay in compliance.

As a full-service signage solutions provider, Signergy can handle all the permitting service needs for your project. For more than 20 years, we’ve been helping businesses like yours get noticed by illuminating their brand with our signs.

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How to Get a Sign Permit

Obtaining sign permits in Los Angeles or Orange County is a multistep process that requires time and effort. A submission typically requires the following:

◘ Signed application providing details about the signage

◘ Certificate of Occupancy for the building or property that will accommodate the new signage

◘ Land Title Survey specifying property lines and easements

◘ Site plan indicating the signage location

◘ Dimensioned elevation specifications of the sign (for those located on a wall)

◘ Detailed final drawings illustrating dimensions, electrical wiring, and construction

Depending on the project’s nature and scope and the jurisdiction in which you’re planning to install the sign, variations of these steps may apply. The type of signage (ground, wall, roof, projecting, etc.) will also impact the process.

The Benefits of Our Sign Permitting Service

At Signergy, we know how to navigate the complex process of obtaining sign permits in Los Angeles and Orange County. We can help you:

◘ Avoid lengthy delays by cutting through the red tape and layers of bureaucracy.

◘ Prevent common mistakes in the application process that could put your project behind schedule.

◘ Keep the costs of the process under control by avoiding unnecessary spending.

◘ Eliminate the confusion that often accompanies the permit acquisition process.

◘ Identify the unique permitting requirements that may apply to your situation.

◘ Stay compliant with building codes and other zoning regulations and avoid potentially costly violations.

Most of all, we can remove the burden of getting a sign permit from your shoulders. You’ll have more time and energy to focus on what matters the most: running your business.

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Don’t let the cumbersome process of obtaining permits for your Los Angeles or Orange County sign project prevent you from achieving your business objectives. Call the signage professionals at Signergy today at 310-893-5707 for the reliable guidance you need to begin your sign project. Or, for more information on our services, you can fill out and return our online contact form.

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