Your business works hard to provide customers with the highest quality products and services and a memorable customer experience. Included in that experience is how you market your business.

Signage is an essential investment in your business’ marketing. The signs you use to display your logo and branding will communicate who you are and what you offer to passersby. Choosing the best material for outdoor signs in Los Angeles & Orange County involves several considerations such as weather, sign durability and type of sign. The following tips will help you get started creating a custom outdoor sign for your Orange County or Los Angeles business. 

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Factors to Consider 

You put care into every aspect of the sales funnel to encourage customers to keep coming back. A well-designed, high-quality sign can draw customers’ eyes to your place of business and catch their attention before they’ve even heard of what your company does. 

When looking for the best outdoor signs in Los Angeles, a significant consideration is your sign’s longevity. You can do a lot to keep your outdoor sign in excellent condition for as long as possible. You will want to choose an effective sign and invest in high-quality materials the first time to avoid excessive repair or replacement costs. 

How can you decide which option is the most effective? Consider these three factors that will impact your sign’s longevity and durability: 

1. The Weather in Your Location 

The weather patterns that may affect outdoor signs in the Los Angeles area will be different than the weather affecting a business on the East Coast. While your sign may not need to deal with snow and sleet, high heat or sunlight can affect its appearance over time. Always choose materials for outdoor signs that will hold up to UV rays and other weather concerns. 

2. Your Material’s Durability

Even the most durable of materials will need occasional maintenance and repair. Of course, you want to minimize these requirements if possible, so consider the damage a material can endure before you invest in it. For example, acrylic is highly durable, but you will need to replace it if it becomes chipped or cracked. Aluminum, another popular option, may bend or dent in excessive winds. The weather that repeatedly affects your sign will impact its durability. 

3. The Sign’s Exposure to the Elements

If your sign is in direct sunlight, it may need sunscreen. Yes, UV damage happens to signs as well as skin. Constant exposure to sunlight can cause colors and graphics to fade and chip the paint on wooden signs. Fading can make your sign difficult to read and complicate a customer’s experience of your brand.

If your sign is in direct sunlight throughout the day, look for UV-resistant materials for your sign. Even protective finishes and treatments will provide greater sign longevity. 

Types of Signs for Outdoor Use 

Since you’ve considered what your sign will be up against, take a look at the options available to you for your outdoor sign. Note that a sign manufacturer can create many of these types of signs out of multiple materials:

  • Pylon or pole: A pylon sign, also known as a pole sign, is ideal for helping your sign stand out in a crowded area. One or two poles support these signs and give them height to draw attention from roadways. Pylon signs are often two-sided, giving them double the potential to grab someone’s gaze. They are easy to update and serve as unique landmarks, helping improve your brand visibility. 
  • Monument: If you want to attract customers to your business in a more understated way, a monument sign may be the perfect option. These free-standing signs are at ground level and are customizable. They are great for offering shoppers directions toward your business and often feature sophisticated fonts and logos for a classy look. Monument signs can also include internal or external lighting for added nighttime visibility. 
  • Channel letters: For best visibility at night, channel letters are the way to go. It’s popular to illuminate these signs with neon or LED lights for readability at a greater distance. Channel letters are crafted individually and can accommodate any imaginable logo, font, color or size. 
  • LED message centers: Yielding the most versatility for dynamic advertising, LED message centers can display brand messages, symbols, numbers and images that can rotate on a cycle using an automated electronic system. These signs are low-maintenance and constructed with durability in mind. 
  • Wayfinding: Place wayfinding signs strategically to direct people toward your store. They are an opportunity to help customers navigate shopping centers, events and more while offering another space to display your logo or brand messaging. Use a wayfinding sign to display a directory, map, pictogram or interactive QR code. 

The 3 Best Outdoor Sign Materials 

Consider your location and needs when choosing the best material for outdoor signs. These three materials are best suited for outdoor use: 

  • Acrylic: Also known as plexiglass, acrylic is a versatile plastic that comes in various thicknesses. It can be shaped and colored to fit any specification and is a lightweight and relatively cost-effective option. Acrylic is six to 17 times more resistant to impact than glass, making it one of the most durable sign materials. It has excellent weather tolerance and is intrinsically UV resistant. 
  • Aluminum: Aluminum is a relatively new industrial metal and is probably the most popular material for outdoor signs. It is lightweight and highly corrosion-resistant, making it a durable option for everything from transportation to machinery and construction equipment. Aluminum signs are solid and easy to print on. The material is often combined with others like acrylic to make channel letter signs. Although they may be prone to denting, aluminum signs are scratch-resistant and waterproof.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl is a synthetic plastic resin known for its versatility and low production cost. Manufacturers use it in applications from medical equipment to upholstery and children’s toys. Vinyl signs come at a more affordable price and are lighter than metal signs. They are relatively resistant to fading and other weather-related damages. For added sturdiness and strength, see about combining vinyl with another material in an outdoor sign. 

Create a Weatherproof Outdoor Sign With Signergy

Many factors go into choosing the best outdoor sign materials. With careful planning and collaboration with a sign manufacturer, you can create a sign for your business that communicates your brand and lasts through all of the changes it experiences. 

For an outdoor sign for your Orange County business, contact a local sign company that knows the unique needs of your area. Signergy has been illuminating brands in Los Angeles and Orange County for over 20 years. We provide custom signs with premier quality and a full suite of services from site survey to design and installation. Contact us for a free estimate on your custom sign project today, or give us a call at 310.893.5707.



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