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City permits for signage

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Custom plans for signage


Custom plans for signage

City Permits

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To ensure the successful installation of your new sign project preparation is the foundation. Thorough analysis of the site and building are necessary for the physical placement of your sign. Our site survey involves measurements, photographs, and assessment of electrical access points and footer locations.

Signage survey process by Signergy

We’ll take photographs of your building elevation and of the area and will verify all measurements to provide scaled sign drawings.


Your new sign is important for developing and maintaining your brand awareness. Whether you need a new design or have an existing one our Design team is ready to assist with your company’s branding and sign making needs. Our signs are designed to be structurally sound with aesthetically pleasing components.

Sign installation mapping

Sign Elevation

Sign design process by Signergy

Sign Details

Signergy project map

Sign Plan

We’ll create a new design or work with your existing design to create a structural and aesthetic sign.


A well executed sign is as important as its design and manufacture. Our engineering staff is well equipped to handle any technical challenges and ensure your signage is engineered to your branding needs. Our Sign engineering encompasses structural and sustainable initiatives to get your company the best results.

Signergy signage blueprints

We’ll ensure identities that capture consumer attention. Indeed, first impressions do endure

City permits for signage

Permit Services

Permits are a requirement for new signage. We have the knowledge to navigate the complexity of local codes, permits and variances to assure you the most effective signage. All aspects of getting your city permit are handled by us, from paperwork to receiving your permit, we manage the entire process.

We review municipal sign ordinances to meet all code requirements for your sign placement.

City permits for signage

We’ll present the permit application, drawings and any other pertinent information to municipal officials for review.

LED sign Fabrication Services in Los Angeles


We have in-house capabilities for complete sign fabrication. Our Los Angeles sign fabricators have experience producing different sign type. From custom, one-of-a-kind signs to large-scale sign projects, no project is not one we can handle and deliver. Our sign fabrication facility houses manufacturing equipment with a team of sign fabricators committed to consistently delivering the quality and service you expect.

Combining creativity, old-fashioned craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology, we’ll build your project in our one-stop sign shop.

Custom sign installation Services


Proper sign installation is critical. As a full-service sign company in Los Angeles, our interior and exterior signage products are installed by trained personnel. Regardless of the size of your signs or the complexity of your sign installation, we are a complete turnkey sign installation company which saves you time and protects your investment for many years to come.

Custom sign installation Services

Our highly trained installers come out to your site, install the sign, hook up any electrical and test it, and clean the area.

LED Sign Maintenance Services


Our professional technicians and electricians are available to provide you with constant care and maintenance of your signs. We will help with accurate surveys during the day or night to assure your sign is in optimal conditions. This way, we provide you proper maintenance your signage requires. Our technicians and fleet of trucks are able to cover your every need.

If your sign is not operational, you lose valuable advertising time. A sign in working order shows your customers you are professional, dependable and open for business.

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