Signs are essential elements in visual marketing. When creating a sign, it’s helpful to consider the benefits of custom signage for businesses as part of your marketing plan. Custom signs for businesses allow companies to tailor their signs to their needs and business goals to receive the most from their signs. 

When upgrading old signs or creating new ones, consider these five benefits of custom signs and discover how creating a unique sign can help market your business! 

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1. Enjoy More Cost-Effective Alternatives

When determining ways to market your business, investing in a custom sign can provide a cost-effective way to continually support and market your business, even for long after placing your sign. Signs require one-time fees to cover the cost of design, assembly and installation and will advertise to people in your immediate area, allowing you to save money on expensive marketing campaigns. 

To get the most out of your signs, you can upgrade business signage with customizable options, like electronic message centers (EMCs), which have digital screens lit by LED lights that allow you to display messages to your customers. Whether you want to advertise a new promotion you are running or notify customers of changed information, you can update these easily for a cost-effective alternative to other advertising systems and marketing tools. 

2. Allow Your Customers to Locate You 

By using an effective sign, it can help your customers find your business. Many factors can lead to confusion when trying to find a company, like distance from the street, high density of companies in one area or lack of identifying features. With a custom sign, you can create a tool to draw customers to your business. 

Many sign types help customers better locate your business. Pole signs are excellent at highlighting your location when you share space with multiple companies, like in shopping centers, or if your storefront isn’t visible from the street. If your business sits beside a major roadway, you can use pole signs for advertising to drivers to let them know your company is there. 

Wayfinding signs are another great type of sign you can customize to help customers find your business. These are also good for areas with a high concentration of stores since they can point your customers in the right direction with maps, directories and arrows. For companies that have larger facilities, wayfinding signs can guide customers through your building and are a valuable marketing strategy. 

Match Your Exact Style With Different Types

3. Match Your Exact Style With Different Types

When you upgrade your business signage to a custom design, you have more flexibility to create a sign that perfectly fits your business aesthetic and atmosphere. No matter your company’s style, signs offer a variety of different features you can customize, including: 

Lighting: To help curate and cement the atmosphere of your company, you can use different lighting options to create different visual effects. Custom signs allow you to choose from electrical signs that directly light your logo or company name to pole or monument signs that offer backlighting and spotlights. 

Dimensions and size: Dimensional signs are unique and dynamic, custom signs letting you highlight your logo and font. These signs add depth to the surface of your sign so you can cultivate a specific look. Especially with indoor signs, size can help you insert your custom sign seamlessly into your interior design. 

Visual elements: Custom signs allow you to use consistent visual elements essential for branding, like color palettes, logos, fonts and any symbols or images. With a custom sign design, you can better integrate your visual requirements into your sign, giving customers a better idea of your business from your visual style. 

Materials: The materials you choose for your sign can have an impact on your style. Acrylic and laminate sign designs will have a different look than signs that use metal. With plenty of options to choose from, you can explore your choices to find the best material to match your style. 

Creating a sign that matches your company’s style can help grow your brand. When you put in the effort to match your sign to your company style through color, logos, font and other elements, you are maintaining the consistency of your brand, which can result in a 23% increase in your overall revenue

4. Help Your Business Stand Out 

Custom signs for businesses help those companies stand out against the competition and other enterprises nearby. When you invest in a unique design for your signs, you can create a sign that catches the eye of your customers and helps them better remember your brand and company name. When given the chance to create a custom design, you can also incorporate your brand’s logo, increasing customer recognition when they see your branding. 

Logos are a powerful tool for creating a memorable brand — 75% of consumers recognize a brand by its logo alone. Further, 42% of customers think that logos tell them about a brand’s personality. In the U.S., 30% of consumers say logos are the first thing they notice about a brand. With a custom sign that uses your logo, you can help your brand stand out against your competition. 

5. Generate More Foot Traffic 

An exciting and unique sign will pique the interest of potential customers and help draw in new crowds to your business. When you create interesting visuals that intrigue people, you increase your chances of reaching new audiences and markets with your advertising efforts. Thirty-three percent of customers say they will visit a new or unfamiliar store because of an interesting sign design for that business. 

Because of the flexibility of designing a custom sign, you can incorporate engaging features to intrigue people in your area and make your sign stand out against your competition. Design features like lighting and color can help your signs catch your audience’s attention, while unique features like message centers can help you continue to hold their interest.

Create Unique Business Signage With Signergy

Create Unique Business Signage With Signergy 

When you take the time to carefully design a sign to optimize your marketing efforts for your business, you can soon reap the benefits. A sign can fit well into your set aesthetic while setting your business apart from your competition, helping customers locate your business and bringing new customers to your business. Creating custom signs is a cost-effective marketing strategy that can give unique business advantages and drive increases in traffic and brand recognition 

At Signergy, we help create custom signs for businesses. We offer a wide variety of services, types of signs and details for signs, allowing us to provide you with a sign that perfectly fits your company and its needs. Contact Signergy today and begin the process to create your custom business sign, or give us a call at 310.893.5707



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