Signs are an ever-present part of the Los Angeles scenery, advertising countless businesses around every corner. An exterior sign’s importance is as easy to see as the sign itself — it attracts attention, marks your location and encourages people inside. However, with all these exterior signs, you may be asking yourself why you’d need indoor signs.

Interior signage in Los Angeles is just as important as what’s outside. Whether your interior signs may be informational, identifying or directional, they all provide vital opportunities to help your guests and establish your brand. From salons to retail to cafés and restaurants, any Los Angeles business with a client-facing area can benefit from well-designed interior signs. 

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You’ve put serious, extensive thought into your building’s exterior. Everything there is a part of your branding, from the landscaping to the logo.

Your interior signs present an opportunity to extend that branding. While their exposure to your outdoor signage might be brief, customers and clients have more time and opportunity to build their opinions inside. You can create a stronger association between your brand and specific colors, fonts or phrases with custom interior signage

Signage that reflects a cohesive design makes a space feel unified. Businesses in high-density areas or shared buildings can use this principle to establish their space as their own. 

Interior signage that reflects your branding can also reinforce your business’s identity. While forming their first impression takes people just seven seconds, it takes several interactions before they begin to build brand awareness. The more chances for those interactions you provide, the sooner your brand will become one they recognize.

You can hang your logo, company slogan or mission statement in the entryway to meet your guests as soon as they enter. Custom signage gives you several options for eye-catching design, such as:

  • Electric signs: Illuminated signs add light and color to brighten your space.
  • Dimensional signs: Three-dimensional shapes in these signs catch the eye from different angles. 
  • Neon signs: These signs allow you to create custom shapes in bright colors that fit your brand’s color palette.

It’s vital that prospective clients or customers have a good experience, and that starts with ensuring they can find what they’re looking for.

Whether it’s an office in a medical building, a section of a store or a bathroom in a time of need, everyone wants to find what they need quickly and easily. What’s more, many people prefer to find it on their own. Interior signs let you provide indirect customer service in navigation and direction.

As cliché as the idea has become, most people tend to avoid asking for directions and may even consider that a last resort. While some may prefer the personal touch of direct interaction, adequate and appropriate interior signs can make that an option rather than a necessity. Those who wish to can still ask an employee, and independent guests can find their way while feeling that you are still meeting their needs.

While you may be most familiar with exterior wayfinding signs, you probably encounter interior versions every day. These can include signs identifying restrooms or fitting rooms, building directories or layout maps for shopping malls. With text and subtle psychological factors, wayfinding signs easily guide guests to the areas they’re looking for. With this clear, direct information exactly where they need it, these signs provide a consistent means of increasing customer satisfaction.


While interior business signs provide excellent branding and customer service opportunities, their potential can reach far beyond the functional.

The right design can let interior signs provide a mixture of art and function. You can use signs to enhance your interior spaces, creating visual interest in areas that need a little something extra. A blank wall can become a minimalist canvas highlighting your logo, slogan or mission statement to emphasize your tone or brand. Even your most functional directional signs can play a part — maintaining consistent designs across all your signage will emphasize your location as uniquely yours.

Consider using fun and engaging sign types to enhance the atmosphere you want to create: 

  • You can use electrical signs to create different lighting effects — choose a front-lit sign to take advantage of an array of bright colors or opt for the eye-catching contrast of a backlit cutout sign.
  • Use a neon sign to combine light, color and contrast against a dark background, create a bright pop of interest or add a soft, colorful glow to a focal area.
  • The 3D effect in dimensional signs creates a sense of movement that draws the viewer’s eye and feels more real, generating greater emotional engagement.

Whatever type of indoor signs you choose, you can create a friendlier, more welcoming atmosphere and enhance your guests’ overall experience.


Indoor signs for businesses are more than just a good idea — they’re the law.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) defines a set of standards for commercial facilities with steep penalties — up to $75,000 for a first offense and up to $150,000 for each subsequent violation. These standards include:

  • Visual components such as colors and font sizes.
  • Required locations and installation heights for informational signs.
  • The use of a tactile font or braille for certain types of signage.
  • Labels identifying permanent rooms such as restrooms or fitting rooms.
  • Labels identifying accessible areas.
  • Directions to any accessible entrance and exit routes and restrooms.
  • How information about interior rooms is delivered.

With an extensive set of standards and steep fines, it’s essential to pair with a sign company familiar with ADA requirements. When choosing your design and installation partner, verify that they can help you meet the necessary standards.

Fines and penalties aside, these accommodations are helpful for people both with and without disabilities. This extended benefit is widely known as the curb cut effect — when cities added ramps to curbs to help wheelchair users move from sidewalk to street, people with strollers, rolling bags or furniture dollies also benefited. In other words, ensuring that your interior signs comply with ADA standards will save you from hefty fines and create a better experience for all your customers.

Choose Signergy for Your Los Angeles Indoor Signage 

When used to their full potential, your indoor signs cement your brand in your customers’ minds. Embrace the opportunities they provide with Signergy.

Whether you need help emphasizing your brand, directing your guests or building a welcoming and exciting atmosphere, we’re here to help. Whatever your need, Signergy is ready to create a custom indoor sign that helps your Los Angeles business stand out from the rest.

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