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Every star rolls out the red carpet before they make a striking first impression in glamorous clothes. That’s why every restaurant needs a powerful welcome sign that prepares visitors for a five-star experience. Properly branded signs inside your dining location ensure that guests won’t forget your name. 

Restaurant signs also serve practical purposes. A properly sized exterior welcome sign can make your location easy to spot for foot and road traffic. Illumination will also help patrons find your location at night when it’s dark. 

The restaurant sign is an important part of brand awareness. If people recognize your business in a local newspaper or an advertisement because they’ve seen the logo on your building, then you’ve generated positive brand recognition. Your business’s sign style also sets expectations for the kind of food your restaurant brand serves. There’s a vast difference between playful signs at fast food locations like McDonald’s and the understated, stylish signs at Olive Garden.

The exterior sign that you choose is like the handshake of your restaurant. Many key signs inside a facility, from menus to safety notices, can carry your brand theme. Boost your brand and engage your patrons with attractive and effective signage, whether inside or outside. 

Impress Guests and Meet Requirements With an Engaging Restaurant Sign 

An excellent restaurant sign combines style and the ability to attract attention while meeting local regulations and helping users navigate your restaurant. 

Best Signs for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Choose from various customizable signs to best match your unique customer experience. You can also build interior signs to impress visitors with lobby signs that showcase your brand logo.

On the outside, you have a selection of signage options to match the tone of your business. You can choose from electrical signsneon signsdimensional signschannel lettersexterior signscabinet signspylon signsmonument signselectronic message centers and wayfinding signs. Each one of these signs has distinct advantages to help your business shine. 

Required Signs

There are many required signs within a restaurant, including some that customers see and others they don’t typically notice. These regulations can come from local, state and federal guidelines. 

There are five main types of safety signs — hygiene, chemical safety, dangerous equipment, general safety and site-based. For example, hygiene signs give employees reminders to wash their hands, clean chopping boards, store food properly and much more. General safety signs and site safety signs are also critical, from obvious warnings like exit signs to notifications about CCTV surveillance.

A well-placed sign can often mean the difference between success and failure for a dining location. 

Choose Signergy for Custom Restaurant Signs in Los Angeles 

Knowing how to balance design, function and regulations is key to building successful interior and exterior signs for your restaurant. Signergy has been creating custom restaurant signage in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas for more than two decades. We’ve developed and honed our process over the years to combine our knowledge and experience crafting high-quality visuals with your unique ideas for your brand.

Ready to experience the Signergy difference? You can contact us online to talk about custom Los Angeles or Orange County restaurant signs today, or give us a call at 310.893.5707!



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