Every brick-and-mortar business or storefront needs signage to build brand awareness and identity, add aesthetic appeal, improve directional clarity or increase foot traffic. With so many options, how do you select a sign that fulfills all these functions? We know the process can be overwhelming. That’s why we created this comprehensive guide to how to choose the right sign for your business. 

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Types of Signs for Businesses

Before choosing a business sign, you must understand your options. Here are some choices you may encounter when shopping for business signage. 

Electrical Signs

Make a bright and colorful impression on your customers by putting your business’ name in lights. When placed outside your building, these vibrant and colorful signs can draw the attention of pedestrians and drivers alike. These electronic signs are an excellent marketing strategy to enhance brand visibility and attract people to your business. 

Neon Signs

No other sign “pops” quite as much as a neon one, especially at night. With virtually endless custom shapes, coloring options, and design elements, neon signs are among the most attractive and effective ways to bring customers into your business.

Dimensional Signs

Dimensional signage offers another way to grab your customers’ attention. These exterior signs stand out, even from far away, making them perfect for brand recognition and marketing. 

Channel Letters

Channel letters give your brand name a bold appearance that stands out from the crowd. These signs’ individually fabricated letter’s design features allow them to be either illuminated or non-illuminated.

Exterior Signs

Exterior signs are a must for creating curbside appeal. Everyone who walks or drives by your business can see your sign, which could be their first impression of your business. With the right exterior sign, you can impress every passerby. 

Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs are large “wall” or “box” signs. These signs, perfect for churches, schools and more, display large, eye-popping graphics. They are also more durable and versatile than other options. 

Pylon/Pole Signs

These freestanding structures have a dramatic impact on your business. These signs allow people to see your sign from farther away and gives your a leg up on your competition. 

Monument Signs

Monument signs make a bold statement for your business. As a classic structure, these signs fit directly into the ground and give you a cost-effective and long-lasting alternative to masonry. 

Electronic Message Centers

This flexible sign option allows you to display messages for those who pass by. These low-maintenance signs offer flexible solutions for schools, churches and more! 

Wayfinding Signs

True to their name, these signs help people find their way. If your business has multiple buildings or confusing corridors, these signs will help give customers a sense of direction

Interior Signs

Promote your business from within with interior signage. These choices can help spruce up an office building and promote your brand identity. 

New Business

Why Do You Need a Sign?

Now that we’ve explained some essentials of signage form, we can focus on function. Here’s some advice to help you decide what sign your business needs. 


These help users locate your business and make their way around your buildings. If you have a large campus, such as a hospital, directional signs will prove an outstanding investment. The signs will help decrease the number of frustrated individuals and staff time spent directing traffic and helping lost souls. 

New Business

Did you recently open your doors? Create eye-catching signs to attract potential customers. Signs are an excellent way to build brand identity and encourage new customers to check out your business. 

Educational Purposes

Even the most dedicated business owners can’t be available to talk to customers and potential customers 24/7/365. Appealing signage communicates with people to give them a brief idea of what you offer or advertise new promotions or events. 

Do You Need Multiple Signs?

During the sign selection process, your preference is the most influential factor. Other potential considerations include your business size, type, location and nearby competitors. 

Having a storefront sign is a branding best practice. These help bring attention to your business and promote brand awareness. Well-crafted signage can also encourage pedestrians to stop in and check out your shop or restaurant. 

If your business has space within a multi-office building or strip mall, you may need additional signs to direct customers to you. 

Indoor signs can also help you promote your brand and improve the overall customer experience by providing a cohesive look and feel for your office space, store or restaurant. 

These are all things you need to consider when answering the question, “What sign does my business need?” 

Making Effective Signage

Signage can be an essential investment in your business success, but you also don’t want to waste your resources. Here are some signage best practices. 

Make Sure Your Sign Clearly Advertises Your Business

If someone reading your sign does not come away understanding your business name and type, you’ve wasted that impression. Adding brand elements such as your logo or tagline will reinforce the idea that the sign is for you, while strengthening your brand image and recognition. 

Ensure the Font and Colors Are Easy to Read

A typical mistake businesses make with their signs is choosing hard-to-read fonts or colors. What’s the point of a sign if no one can read it?

Fortunately, you can avoid falling prey to this issue. Choose a clear font in a larger size to promote readability, with complementary colors that don’t clash. 

Make It Memorable

This sign represents you and is likely your first impression with many customers, so be creative and make it stand out! 

Contact Signergy to Get Started

Contact Signergy to Get Started

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