Custom dimensional signs

Los Angeles Dimensional Signs

Adding an extra dimension to your signage creates an entirely new look. Dimensional signage is an effective way to secure a customer’s attention and guide them into your business. Exterior dimensional signs often install directly onto your building or other support structures.

At Signergy, we understand all the details that go into each step of the sign-making process. We promise to guide you every step of the way. Among the measures we take to deliver you a superior sign are:

  • Site survey: Our survey team will record measurements, take photos, determine electrical access and perform other tests to ensure proper installation.

  • Design and engineering: Our design and engineering crew will create and build your three-dimensional sign to your branding requests.

  • Permit services: Our team will cover all aspects of the sign project, including elements of approval, local codes and regulations.

  • Fabrication: Our manufacturing team has the knowledge and expertise to handle all fabrication phases of your dimensional sign project. We have the tools to manufacture your dimensional sign in-house from beginning to end.

  • Installation: Our expert installation crew can handle all the detailed setup requirements.

  • Maintenance: Our technical team will help you create a maintenance plan to ensure longevity.

Dimensional Signs in Los Angeles

Dimensional signs make your logos and designs stand out, as potential customers often notice them much more than traditional print signs. These fixtures can mount to the exterior of your building for excellent visibility from a distance. Whether used as exterior or interior signage, this sign type is ideal for brand recognition, marketing or promotion of a particular product.

From PVC to painted foam to fabricated metal to laminated faces, the possibilities are endless in the world of dimensional signage. Regardless of the primary material, we’ll make your sign to your specifications using exact shapes and color matches.

Why Dimensional Signs Are Important for Businesses

Dimensional signs come with a long list of advantages, including their versatility and ability to draw attention. A few more reasons some businesses choose this design of signage are:

  • They can match your company’s branding.

  • Dimensional signs can help customers find your physical location.

  • They enhance your business’s interior.

  • They’re different than other signage types.

  • Three-dimensional shapes stand out more than others.

Choosing Signergy for Dimensional Sign Needs

We offer custom dimensional signs in Los Angeles and Orange County. To learn more about Signergy’s dimensional sign-making process and how we can illuminate your company’s brand, call us at 888-377-4467 or contact us online today.

Custom dimensional signs

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