Our Los Angeles Sign Production Process


Site Survey


Customer Approval

Landlord Approval

City Permit




For a successful installation of your signage, we must do a site survey. It’s one of the significant steps in the sign project preparation process.
Our site survey process involves taking photos, assessing footer locations, electrical access, measurement, and other essential steps to ensure we install your signage correctly.
We’ll take photos of the installation area–your building elevation or anywhere you want to install the sign. We’ll also take measurements of your building to ensure we provide you with a scaled sign design. It’s our duty to take care of any technicalities that may be peculiar to your location.

We know how important it is to do a thorough analysis of the site before signage installation; therefore, we’ll pull out any arsenal needed to make it a successful installation.

City permits for signage

Permit Services

A permit is required to install new signage. Our experts have the knowledge needed to navigate the complexity of local permits, codes, and variances to ensure you have adequate and customer-attracting signage.

We handle all aspects of the signage project, including everything that has to do with your city permits and approval. So, from design, paperwork to permit, and approval, we’ll take care of it all. Our experts will review your signage ordinances as it pertains to your city and design your brand or event sign to meet all codes and requirements for its successful installation and placement.

City permits for signage

We’ll also submit the permit application, design, drawings, and other documents needed for the project approval on your behalf.

LED Sign Maintenance Services

Sign Engineering

The engineering work put into signage is as important as its design and manufacturing.

Our mission is to provide you the signage you need in time, on a high-quality level, and budget. Our production method is paramount to achieving this.
We use the just-in-time approach to manufacturing because it minimizes and cuts out the number of steps the signage will have to go through to be ready. That means that there’s no time-wasting.

Many of our engineers have been with us from inception, and some have been in the industry for over 20 years. Their experience gives us at Signergy Sign Company the strength we have.

We are equipped to handle any technical difficulties common to signage engineering or peculiar to your chosen site. We include structural and sustainable initiatives to give your company the best value.

Custom sign Fabrication Services


We have in-house capabilities for handling a signage project from start to finish, including fabrication. We have experienced fabricators that can handle different sign types, from large-scale sign projects to one-of-a-kind sign designs; our fabricators are well equipped to handle it.

Do you feel your desired sign design is one-of-a-kind? Call us, and let’s handle it for you. There’s no signage design we can’t manage and deliver to taste. We have a sign fabrication facility that houses various manufacturing equipment to fabricate any signage design.

Custom sign Fabrication Services

These manufacturing tools and equipment, combined with the creativity of our fabrication team, our highly-skilled and old-fashioned craftsmen with decades of experience in the industry, we’ll build your project to success.

Sign Installation Services in LA


Signage installation is a critical process—probably the most complicated stage of the entire project. That’s why you need competent hands like ours to handle this stage for you.

As a full-service signage company, we have a compendium of highly trained interior and exterior personnel. All our exterior personnel have the training to handle any sign—size installation doesn’t matter.

We understand that the bigger it is in size, the more technicalities its installation demands. However, our exterior personnel has what it takes to effectively install and safely secure any signage regardless of its size.
We also understand that a signage project is a huge investment and should be a long-term asset. As a result, as a sign installation company, we employ strategies and techniques that secure your signage investment for many years to come—such that you’ll only need to administer routine maintenance once in a while.


Only a brand with a working sign can pass the message of professionalism, dependability, and willingness to serve customers.

While properly designed and installed signage will last for many years to come, consistent maintenance is not negotiable. You lose valuable advertising time and customer patronage when your sign is not operational.

Our professional electrician and technicians are always willing and ready to help you with that. We are prepared to provide you with a constant and quality maintenance sign routine.

We will continuously survey your site night and day to ensure your sign continues to have what it takes to operate optimally. When we notice any abnormalities, we move to correct such. The most common issue is with lighting and electrical works. We replace whatever needs to be replaced and restore your signage to optimal function.

We have a fleet of trucks given to our technicians for day and night sight surveys. That’s the way we have provided proper maintenance for every one of our customers—many of which still trust us to handle their signage project to date. We look forward to doing the same for you.

Tool box with hammer & screws

We also handle the maintenance process for signs not built by us, so we don’t necessarily have to be the builder or installer before maintaining it for you.

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