Custom Pylon Signs in Los Angeles

Custom Pylon Signs

Los Angeles Pylon Signs & Pole Signs

Are you trying to attract more passersby to your Los Angeles or Orange County business? A pylon sign, also called a pole sign, can help your structure stand out in a crowded area. These signs receive support from either one or two poles, allowing you to place them by a roadway or wherever else you need to draw attention. Many pylon signs are two-sided, enabling people to see them from multiple directions.

Signergy Provides High-Quality Pylon Signs in the Los Angeles Area

Signergy is a full-service signage company that’s been illuminating the brands of businesses like yours for more than 20 years. When you choose us for commercial pole signs, you’ll receive superior service every step of the way. You’ll get a custom solution that raises your company’s visibility and helps you gain a competitive advantage.

Our comprehensive process begins with a site survey to determine the best location for your signage and ensure it meets your aesthetic requirements. We’ll design, engineer and manufacture your pole sign and take care of all the permits. And we’re experts at pylon sign installation and maintenance in Los Angeles. We’ll set your pole sign up quickly and professionally so you can get back to business as ususal.

What Are the Benefits of Pylon Signs?

Installing pole signs at your Los Angeles or Orange County business comes with several benefits. Shopping centers and other facilities with multiple storefronts often use these signs to list all the companies and organizations operating there. They’re ideal for facilities with multiple units. These signs can also:

  • Distinguish your business: As shopping areas become more congested, standing out from other businesses can be challenging. These pole signs help to establish your company’s identity.
  • Serve as a landmark: Many people come to identify locations by the pole signage of nearby companies. This benefit can enhance your brand’s impact by transforming your business into a local landmark.
  • Offer aesthetic flexibility: You can cover your sign with a shroud to add dimension and improve its appearance.
  • Update easily: If you need to alter your sign’s message or make room for the name of a new business, pylon signs allow you to make quick updates. They include inserts you can change as needed.

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Our signage experts can help you explore all the advantages of pole signs and choose the right product for your needs and budget. Call us at 310-893-5707 to learn more and get a free estimate today.

Custom Pylon Signs

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